Recognizing Beauty in All That I Encounter

I try hard to find something beautiful in every situation that I’ve been in.  Whether it was times where I was down on my luck, broke, friendless (or so it seems), lost, broke (again), stressed, confused, reeling with excitement, smitten, in love, on cloud 9 or just down right in the dumps….there’s something beautiful about it all.  The rise of fall of all of the emotions says nothing more than just I’m human and I have emotions.

I like to believe that with every twist and turn that we experience through life that there is a lesson to be learned.  It could be one of those really big, kick  you in the face  kind of lessons, or one of those years later, subtle “ah ha” experiencing types.  Either way, a lesson is there.

So, here I am in my mid 30′s, a wife, mother, friend, sister, child and still learning lessons and trying to find beauty in it all.