Instead of doing separate blog posts, I will roll everything into one.  Ready, set…here we go!

  • My mini-me started school two weeks ago.  Proud papa and I walked her into school together and it felt surreal.  I couldn’t help but flashback to the day we brought her home from the hospital and here we are walking her into kindergarten.  I’m embracing all the hugs and kisses now, because there will come a day where she will be up in her room wanting privacy or trying to talk on the phone all night.
  • I joined Weight Watchers Online yesterday.  As much as I would love to go to a meeting, it does not fit into my schedule.  We have WW at Work meeting at the job, but I may not always be able to go to the meetings with my hectic schedule.  I can’t tell my Supervisor to not schedule a meeting at a certain time because I have to go weigh-in.  LOL…that would be hilarious.

Overall, I have to say that I’m in a good place. There’s no chaos. Family is doing well, work is going well, and I’m working on me.  <—–  sounds beautiful to me!

Time flys when you are ……


I used to wonder where the time has gone. Now, looking back on things time keeps on tickin’…it’s me that I should be more concerned about.

The better question is where have I gone?

Over the past few months I’ve been frustrated about how I’ve been feeling so unorganized and all over the place. In my late teens and all the way into my late 20’s, I was always disciplined, organized, and it seemed like everything always ran smoothly. Then one day, sometime after I delivered a healthy baby girl, my life went from organized to I’ll get to it “when I feel like it”. Everything became “when I feel like it”. I’m tired, exhausted, on the go, and my only down time is usually when I’m using bathroom, showering, or at work.

I  definitely need to reclaim my Me Time! Or maybe it’s not even the Me Time that I’m missing.  All of this (married, mom life, work life, etc)…it’s my new normal and it takes time to get adjusted to it.  Yes, it’s been almost 6 years,…but you just have to walk in my shoes to understand what I’m going through.  I ask myself,  6 years and you are still not adjusted?  Everyday is different.  But then again, everyday is the same.  I know that Lord willing, I wake up, shower, pack lunches, wake and dress the little one, get the husband off to work, go to work, answer calls, go to meetings, return home, cook dinner, sing a million kids songs, listen to my daughter sing the Frozen song a million times, etc, etc, etc.  In those moments, you are in the role of Wife, Mom, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Counselor, Chef, Gardener, Driver,…it never ends.

Maybe I should not  look at where have I gone, but look in the mirror at who I am becoming.  I’m still here, I haven’t lost myself.  I am changing and growing everyday.  I am being stretched and challenged into the person that I see.  Maybe it’s just organized chaos! Marriage and Mom life will do that to you!




Recognizing Beauty in All That I Encounter

I try hard to find something beautiful in every situation that I’ve been in.  There were times where I was down on my luck, broke, friendless (or so it seems), lost, broke (again), stressed, confused, reeling with excitement, smitten, in love, on cloud 9 or just down right in the dumps….there’s something beautiful about it all.  The rise and fall of all of the emotions says nothing more than just I’m human and I have emotions.

I like to believe that with every twist and turn that we experience through life that there is a lesson to be learned.  It could be one of those really big, kick  you in the face  kind of lessons, or one of those years later, subtle “ah ha” experiencing types.  Either way, a lesson is there.

So, here I am in my mid 30’s, a wife, mother, friend, sister, child and still learning lessons and trying to find beauty in it all.